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The Neuropharmacology of Addictions and Degenerative Disorders (NEUROFAN) group at San Pablo CEU University is a consolidated research group led by Gonzalo Herradón.

The NEUROFAN group carries out all the phases of identifying new biomarkers and therapeutic targets in diseases of the central nervous system, such as addictive disorders or neurodegenerative diseases, as well as the preclinical validation of new compounds with therapeutic potential. Our goal is to understand the molecular mechanisms involved in drug addiction and neurodegenerative diseases or diseases that occur with neurodegeneration such as alcoholism. A common mechanism in this type of pathology is neuroinflammation, which, when it becomes chronic, aggravates neurodegenerative processes. Therefore, we have a great interest in studying the mechanisms that trigger neuroinflammation and perpetuate it. This has led us to discover new targets in neuroinflammation and to study their pharmacological modulation as a new therapeutic strategy in multiple diseases that occur with neuroinflammatory processes.



Gonzalo Herradón Gil-Gallardo

Principal Investigator / Dean, School of Pharmacy / Professor in Pharmacology

Researcher ID / ORCID: C-8305-2012/0000-0002-1578-3744
Gonzalo Herradón is a Full Professor in Pharmacology and head of the Neuropharmacology of addictions and degenerative disorders group (NEUROFAN) at University CEU San Pablo. His investigations has led to the production of 70+ articles and 1823 citations, which results in h index = 27 (Google Scholar). Dr. Herradón has worked both in academia and in industry with international experience. He obtained his PhD in Pharmacology in 2003 at University CEU San Pablo. He was a Research Investigator in the department of Neurobiology at Millennium Pharmaceuticals (Cambridge, MA, USA, 1 year), where he worked in the discovery of new targets for neuropathic pain using different rat strains with different sensitivities to neuropathic pain and applying OMICs. The targets uncovered were published in 3 peer-reviewed publications. Then, he moved to the Molecular and Experimental Medicine department at The Scripps Research Institute (La Jolla, CA, USA) for a 3-year postdoctoral training. His hosting group, led by Dr. Thomas Deuel, trained him in a wide variety of molecular biology techniques that served GH to elucidate different signaling pathways triggered by pleiotrophin (PTN), discoveries that were published in 10 manuscripts in journals like PNAS and BBRC. He is currently the head of the area of Pharmacology and PI of NEUROFAN, a highly competitive group that is interconnected to national research entities, as it belongs to the Spanish Research Network in Addictions Care (RIAPAd), awarded in the last call (2021) of Cooperative Research Networks Oriented to Results in Health (RICORS), of the Carlos III Health Institute and the Ministry of Science and Innovation. GH has been PI of 7 competitive projects funded by the Spanish national agencies.


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